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The 5th February 2007 saw the 100th birthday of one of Irish masonry’s most venerable sons: Most Excellent Companion Cyril F.A. Quigley FCA, Past District Grand King of Antrim. In recognition of his lifelong contribution to Freemasonry in general and Royal Arch Masonry in particular, and in celebration of the impending re-opening of Freemasons’ Hall, Arthur Square after refurbishment, a very special event was convened on 10th March 2007. In the Preston Room of The Provincial Masonic Hall Rosemary Street, after being installed as Excellent King of his Chapter, Sir Charles Cameron RAC 353, the Quigley Keystone was revealed, identifying that the Chapter Room in Freemasons’ Hall Arthur Square would henceforth be named the Quigley Room.

Most Excellent Companion Cyril Quigley's 100th Birthday Celebration

V E Companion Ronnie Wilson, PDGS, RAC Temple 51, and one of the three Trustees of Freemasons’ Hall, Arthur Square addressed the Excellent King.


E.K., Most Excellent Companion Quigley,

I am pleased to have been invited to participate in this unique occasion this afternoon and particularly so upon its relevance to Royal Arch Masonry.

You are only to well aware of the magnitude surrounding this gathering today and that of recent weeks. Even Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II knows about you!

Now, within the gambit of Irish Masonry…

A kind of… never could happen event will occur and become apparent before all at this convocation.

When Royal Arch Chapter Companions get involved to promote success it quite rightly becomes more than a Grand or a Supreme occasion.

With your assistance, by participating, we will Mark Well an occasion for the benefit of many.

However, the occasion of which we shall soon refer is not actually here.

Never the less, the benefit will indeed be to your personal satisfaction and for the many who shall go there.

Not being there and nor being able to physically see the benefit at present, cannot deter or deflect the reality of what has been accomplished.

But only an Arthur Square Freemason, such as you, can resolve this conundrum.

Most Excellent Companion Quigley, E.K. of Sir Charles Cameron, RAC 353, may I request the pleasure of your company beside me here.                   

Please uncover ‘this work’ and examine if it is fair work, and not square work, but indeed work that you have not seen before.  

This Key Stone and the inscription upon it will explain it all.



The Quigley Keystone, Freemasons' Hall Arthur Square Belfast