Freemasons' Hall Arthur Square
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19 Arthur Square, Belfast,
BT1 4FF Northern Ireland
+44 (0) 28 9023 4556

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Donegall Masonic Club Logo

Policy Statement

Enhancement of services to members and guests by promotion of the Masonic Order in Freemasons’ Hall, Arthur Square, Belfast.

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Past Presidents 

1878 - 1880   John Adrain
1880 - 1881    O'Connell Shaw
1881 - 1884    WM. Redfern Kelly
1884 - 1888   Johnston Rodgers
1888 - 1897   O'Connell Shaw
1897 - 1899   WM. Rankin
1899 - 1913    WM. Campbell
1913 - 1918     WM.T. Braithwaite
1918 - 1923    J.R. Erskine
1923 - 1926   JAS.H. Nesbitt
1926 - 1928   T.R. Burns
1928 - 1931    A. Leitch
1931 - 1936    R. Mitchell
1936 - 1937   H.E. Morton
1937 - 1938   WM. Millar
1938 - 1949   WM. Govan
1949 - 1950   E. Young
1950 - 1956   H. Gault
1956 - 1964   T.M. McDonald
1964 - 1978   N.K. Hill
1978 - 1988   J.W. Hanlon
1988 - 1995   G. Donaldson
1995 - 2005  N. Schofield
2005 - 2018  H.S. Kerr
2018 -            A.R.G.R. Patterson


Club Trustees 

The Donegall Masonic Club is a club registered under the Registration Of Clubs ( Northern Ireland ) Order 1996. It is autonomous of the Masonic Order and thus members do not apply any masonic title or rank to their name.

Whilst the Club has been long founded it had no formal tenancy lease with the Hall Trustees until 2004. By custom and use it established tenure to trade in Freemasons’ Hall Arthur Square. Nor had the Club any Trustees as it was run and managed as a wholly independent and voluntary entity by those who were members.

However, with decline of its then current membership and aging stalwarts the Club Management Committee informed that Hall Trustees of their decision to cease trading. As the then Hall Trustees, Mr Vance Rodgers, Mr Alan Patterson and Mr Ronnie Wilson were Club Members they came to a mutual arrangement with Club Officers to become solely liable and accountable for all Club affairs going forward. 

The Hall secretary, Mr Drew Crawford also undertook the duties of Club secretary. During this transition era, Hall Trustee Mr Ronnie Wilson was elected as Club Chairman. A formal lease of tenancy was created which required ratification at a Club meeting. For the Club to renew its Registration of Clubs Licence it now necessitated the appointment of Club Trustees. Mr David Wallace and Mr John Nelson on 2 November 2004 accepted their responsibilities and Mr John Nelson also became Club Chairman. It would have been irregular, a conflict of interest, for a Hall Trustee to negotiate a tenancy lease with themselves whilst holding position as Club Trustee or Chairman.

With the transformation from being a solely voluntary run club to staff now being paid, the Club retains its original identity and in harmony with Hall Trustees aspirations. All members of all Lodges and other units which sit in Freemasons’ Hall Arthur Square become a member of the Donegall Masonic Club. Annual Club membership dues are paid by the consideration of the Hall Trustees.     

Club Trustees:

David Wallace appointed 2 November 2004

John Nelson appointed 2 November 2004

James Wilson appointed 15 Feb 2011 (replacing John Nelson)

Malachy Ross appointed 15 May 2019  (replacing James Wilson)